Tidy Tush 8 oz pump bottle. $8.97 +  s/h




                          Tidy Tush
 Just apply a small amount to your toilet tissue and you'll experience easier, more effective wiping.


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   Tidy Tush is a specially formulated cleanser that assists with wiping. After many frustrating years of trying to get clean when using the restroom, I came up with a product that that not only aids cleansing but it's gentle moisturizers will help to keep you comfortable all day.
  For years people have relied on getting clean by dry wiping. Dry wiping creates a lot of friction that can lead to pain and discomfort. Tidy Tush's lubricious properties not only reduce that friction but also help to loosen the surface tension of the soiled area. Not getting clean enough can cause horrible irritations. Would you consider using a dry piece of toilet paper to clean your dirty hands? Wiping without Tidy Tush is just plain dirty.
 Tidy Tush not only pays for itself but will save you money. Many of us use too much toilet paper. You are probably included or you wouldn't be on this site right now. If you are currently going through a roll every two days and you are paying 59 cents a roll then you are spending about $53.69 every six months in toilet paper. The average person gets about a week out of a roll, that equals out to $15.34 for the same time period. That means you are over spending by about $38.35 every six months. One bottle of Tidy Tush will help you get much closer to that average person when it comes to using toilet paper and save you a lot of $.

  • Much Cheaper Than Flush-able Wet Wipes.
  • Fragrance Free.
  • Safe for All Ages.
  • Wipe Better With Less Toilet Paper.
  • Promotes Cleanliness and Better Health .
  • For Anal or Vaginal use.
Do you have a hard time wiping clean?
Do you have a sticky stool?
Is your feces messy or tar like?
Do you feel dirty after using the restroom?
Do you ever experience discomfort when wiping?
Does it take too much toilet paper to get you clean?
Do you ever experience chafing, or irritations from not wiping completely clean ?
Stop wasting money on flush-able wet wipes.
Don't walk around sore anymore!

Tidy Tush is for you!

Poop doesn't stand a chance!